MRM are everyday people trying to help you with simple but clear building solutions. From major builds to minor fixes we have a tradesman for you.

My name is Julian Murray and MRM is my brainchild. Before starting MRM I managed my own home renovation (before and after pictures to your left) with limited building knowledge. My aim was to build three extensions at the same time and with my project management background I started to plan this large build. I soon realised that finding tradesmen I could trust was hard and some of the advice I was getting was questionable. So I researched everything to strengthen my building knowledge; developed business relationships with all the local builders merchants; and obtained trade accounts with all the leading building companies. With my material budget under control I started to interview numerous tradesmen.


Tradesmen where chosen through recommendations and by their business presence. Some tradesmen were so good I developed a good working relationship with them but the majority either had bad workmanship or overpriced the job. Unfortunately, I had various monetary losses and had to replace some tradesmen. I felt ripped off and many areas of my build had to be re-done due to my lack of knowledge and direction from the people I hired.

As I came to the end of my build I noticed that a large number of friends and friends of friends were contacting me for tradesmen. People wanted the tradesmen I had used as they were confident they would get a good job. I also noticed I was guiding and advising people of the pitfalls that I faced. 

It was apparent to me that there was a market for good tradesmen and project management as far too many people needed help with the process of a build.  

I have spent over two years getting a elite team together to offer a service that people can trust. I have been were you are so I understand how this is the biggest step of your life. I have made the contacts, felt the pain and now want to help others to try and avoid the mistakes I did.

If you are fed up going through hundreds on tradesmen on specialised sites and just want someone who can do the job without having to re-mortgage your home to pay them, I can offer a list of tradesmen under MRM. I have personally used all our tradesmen for over two years (some even longer) and have recommended them to my family and friends. 

MRM was born to simply help people avoid the building pitfalls by having an experienced vetted team of tradesmen who are passionate about their trade. MRM specialise in using tradesmen who are solely dedicated to their trade. 

                       What is the uniqueness of MRM you ask?

Whether you use MRM tradesmen or have your own, under MRM I can offer a project management service. You will benefit from years of my own experience as a project manager; a full breakdown of how your money is being spent; a single point of contact; and someone that can clearly explain all the technical jargon that may be confusing you.  


                    You will rest easy knowing that you are in safe hands.

   Give us a call now, we are waiting to help you have a stress free build.